Newsletter-January 2021

Hello dear Global Play Brigade,

I’ve been upset and deeply concerned about the troubling events taking place in our world. Too many to discuss here, but I’m sure we all have great worries, sadness and anger as we continue in the midst of ongoing pain of the global pandemic.

I keep having this dream (the nights I’m actually able to sleep) that the Global Play Brigade managed to get a bunch of world leaders of all stripes onto a stage together for a workshop to create an improvised play, riffing off of some titles like:

  • We Have No Idea What to Do

  • Alice in Wonderland: The 21st Century

  • Time to Step Aside

Or they’re all sitting around in a circle playing Yes, And, or I Am a Tree – or my favorite: “We Made a Mistake!”

THAT could change everything, in my opinion. THAT would be interesting. THAT could shake things up and create space for new kinds of conversations and possibilities.

With play, we both disrupt and challenge the status quo while simultaneously creating something new together; creating a space where people can perform something other than their typical roles and scripts. Play is the catalyst for new possibilities.

It’s a dream, I know. No world leader would sign up for that workshop.

But we at the Global Play Brigade have signed up. YOU have signed up. You’ve all helped build the infrastructure, create the impetus, even been part of the myriad workshops. Since our launch in 2020, you’ve all made it possible for more than 3,500 strangers, from different walks of life, from 50 countries, to connect and create. This year, we’ll continue to work – and to Play it Forward to Change Our World.

Happy New Year, GPB. Let’s keep it up in 2021.

Cathy Salit
Performance activist, GPB Chief Organizer

An invitation to play…

This month, we asked some of our brigadiers across the world:
“How do you see play as a method to help change our world?”

Charly Ford. Atlanta GA, USA Gigi Maniglia. Lecco, Italy
Ford. Atlanta GA, USA

Play is a way of creating a peaceful
: it’ll change our world like a smile changes your mood.
Have you ever played without smiling? I think of play and I smile. Ourworld could use more of that.”
Maniglia. Lecco, Italy

Every time you play, you will find new paths. There are rules to follow, which are creative constraints, and then there is always the possibility of breaking a normality to
invent another one.”
Jeff Gordon. Netanya, Israel Jorge Burciaga-Montoya. Juárez, México
Gordon. Netanya, Israel

Play breaks downs cultural and social
for a safe and creative space in which to explore the
possibilities for acting upon this world. By engaging the imagination and transforming the emotions, play generates the expansive thinking and the emotional flexibility needed for creating positive social
Juárez, México

Play impacts on people’s lives to
help us share with others about difficult situations in a more agile, active and rational way. Play lets us be ourselves; creativity emerges to make a more purposeful, active and possible social reality.”
Koray Tarhan. Istanbul, Turkey Mana Mukaiyachi. Tokyo, Japan
Tarhan. Istanbul, Turkey

Playing is transforming ourselves along with others. Let’s play to make a revolution amongst ourselves, so we can make it real out there in the world.”
Mukaiyachi. Tokyo, Japan

Play is instrumental in creating a friendship – a bond with a diverse group of people – and there we all become the creators of a new place in which to grow.”
Rita Ezenwa-Okoro. Lagos, Nigeria Victoria Hogg. Brighton, UK
Lagos, Nigeria

When we play, we create an alternative universe made of uninhibited freedom to influence our present circumstances. Play gives us wings!”
Hogg. Brighton, UK

I rarely see play as frivolous:
deep down it’s always serious, thanks to its power. Play is a connection with ourselves and others; an actively joyous contract. If we can plug into joy, we can change negative pathways, no matter how bad the road we’re on.”

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