Jugando en Español

Read this article in English Estamos sumamente emocionados porque la Brigada Global del Juego (Global Play Brigade) ha lanzado su primera versión de talleres completamente en español. La idea de contar con estas sesiones de juego completamente en español han sido parte del plan inicial de GPB, así como de los brigadistas, Jorge Burciaga-Montoya, Miguel Cortés-Vazquez de México, Mayarí (Maya) Pérez-Arroyo y María José (MaJo) Castrillo-Sequeira de Costa Rica, unieron… Read More »Jugando en Español

Playing in Spanish

Hacer “click” para español   We’re so excited that the Global Play Brigade hosted its’ first Spanish language workshop. The idea of holding a session completely in Spanish had long been part of the GPB plan, and so we Brigadiers, Jorge Burciaga and Miguel Cortés from Mexico, and Mayarí (Maya) Pérez and María (Majo) José Castrillo from Costa Rica joined forces to make this Spanish workshop series happen. Jorge, Miguel and… Read More »Playing in Spanish

Brincando com nossa Ancestralidade Indígena!

Read this post in English Na Brincada do Brincar, no dia 12 de setembro de 2020, de 44 a 35 participantes: bebês, crianças, adolescentes e adultos, brasileiros e estrangeiros (EUA e México), foram recebidos ao som da música Nhanderú Toexá, interpretada pelo Grupo Nhe’ẽ Ambá, em que se canta a religiosidade do povo Guarani. Cada participante brincou com o corpo para se conectar à melodia, em um convite inicial para… Read More »Brincando com nossa Ancestralidade Indígena!

Playing Through Grief

Since we launched the Global Play Brigade in June, Marian Rich has been co-leading a weekly session entitled: Create Connection & Build Community Through Play. She co-facilitates the sessions with a rotating team of co-facilitators. Soon after Marian’s father died in mid-September, she was scheduled to co-facilitate with Kara Fortier, a new facilitator with GPB. Given Kara’s interest in ritual and spirituality and Marian’s recent loss, they decided to create… Read More »Playing Through Grief

About our mission

Cathy shares the Global Play Brigade’s founding principles and mission. Post originally on our October’s newsletter.

Live Your Indigenous Ancestry

Veja tambem ém Português At Brincada do Brincar on September 12, 2020, 45 participants: babies, children, teenagers, and adults, Brazilians and foreigners (USA and Mexico), were welcomed to the sound of the song Nhanderú Toexá, performed by the Nhe’ẽ Ambá Group, in which the religiosity of the Guarani people is sung. Each participant played with their body to connect to the tune, in an initial invitation to connect to Pachamama.… Read More »Live Your Indigenous Ancestry