cross-cultural connect

Global Table Read

Have you ever dreamt of playing, improvising and creating in multiples languages and cultures? Join us our troupe of Global Table Read, a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, interactive and creative live performance by us.

Create Connection & Build Community Through Play!

Join us for 75 minutes of creating connection and building community while having fun – alleviate stress and anxiety through improvisational play. No experience necessary! Bring whatever you have to play with … emotions, language, humor, your challenges and your hopes for our world. Your facilitators are international performance activist, play revolutionary and comic educator, Marian Rich (USA) and fellow performance activist and improviser/actor/musician, Koray Tarhan (Turkey). Session will be… Read More »Create Connection & Build Community Through Play!

VUCA, SCHMUCA: Creating a New Normal?

Do you really wish everything would just go back to “normal”? This improv workshop challenges the very definition of normal and invites you to engage the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of life with a bit of fun, experimentation and humor. Come play, improvise, create characters, and perform for one another across the globe. Facilitated by Sean Kwan and Cathy Salit. Sean is a drama based executive coach, passionate about… Read More »VUCA, SCHMUCA: Creating a New Normal?

Carnaval das Brincadas

The Brazilian group BRINCADAS invite you to our Carnival parade on ZOOM. Join us on February 20th at 3 p.m (Brazil Time). To subscribe, please send an email to

Poetry of Change: Love, Rage and Politics

Come and play with poetry inspired by love, rage and politics. Let’s create something new! Bringing* and creating Poetry for our times. Is it yours? Is it ours? Let’s make it both. *Bring your poems to share, and we will create poetry together as well. Featuring Dr. Raquell Holmes

Imagi-Nations Impro: When Worlds Connect

Three continents, lots of two-person scenes, one group with visual impairments. Learn about our powerful online play sessions with visually impaired groups across the globe, by Victoria Hogg. Read in English Post originally part of our November newsletter.