Global Table Read

Have you ever dreamt of playing, improvising and creating in multiples languages and cultures? Join us our troupe of Global Table Read, a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, interactive and creative live performance by us.

Newsletter-January 2021

Hello dear Global Play Brigade, I’ve been upset and deeply concerned about the troubling events taking place in our world. Too many to discuss here, but I’m sure we all have great worries, sadness and anger as we continue in the midst of ongoing pain of the global pandemic. I keep having this dream (the nights I’m actually able to sleep) that the Global Play Brigade managed to get a… Read More »Newsletter-January 2021

Jugando en Español

Read this article in English Estamos sumamente emocionados porque la Brigada Global del Juego (Global Play Brigade) ha lanzado su primera versión de talleres completamente en español. La idea de contar con estas sesiones de juego completamente en español han sido parte del plan inicial de GPB, así como de los brigadistas, Jorge Burciaga-Montoya, Miguel Cortés-Vazquez de México, Mayarí (Maya) Pérez-Arroyo y María José (MaJo) Castrillo-Sequeira de Costa Rica, unieron… Read More »Jugando en Español

Playing in Spanish

Hacer “click” para español   We’re so excited that the Global Play Brigade hosted its’ first Spanish language workshop. The idea of holding a session completely in Spanish had long been part of the GPB plan, and so we Brigadiers, Jorge Burciaga and Miguel Cortés from Mexico, and Mayarí (Maya) Pérez and María (Majo) José Castrillo from Costa Rica joined forces to make this Spanish workshop series happen. Jorge, Miguel and… Read More »Playing in Spanish