Theater Games

VUCA, SCHMUCA: Creating a New Normal?

Do you really wish everything would just go back to “normal”? This improv workshop challenges the very definition of normal and invites you to engage the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of life with a bit of fun, experimentation and humor. Come play, improvise, create characters, and perform for one another across the globe. Facilitated by Sean Kwan and Cathy Salit. Sean is a drama based executive coach, passionate about… Read More »VUCA, SCHMUCA: Creating a New Normal?

Celebrating Spirituality

Let’s dive deeper into spirituality through play! The big questions about what it means to be human are important, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play with them. During this first of our monthly sessions, bring a big question you have for the universe. We’ll “play” with what it means to ask these kinds of questions. We’ll also get to take turns playing the role of a all-seeing oracle, so… Read More »Celebrating Spirituality

Create Connection & Build Community Through Play!

Join our weekly hour-long play “workout” for people of all ages around the world! Take a play break with your family or on your own – suitable for children, teens, adults and elders! Create connection and community while having fun – alleviate stress and anxiety through play. Bring whatever you have to play with … emotions, language, humor, your challenges and your hopes for our world. Hosted by international performance… Read More »Create Connection & Build Community Through Play!