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By playing together, we unleash the human power of transformation

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The Global Play Brigade (GPB) is a volunteer community of play and performance activists, improvisers, clowns, musicians, educators and therapists who have come together in response to the global pandemic and the distressing, inequitable state of our world. We aim to bring people together across borders — to play, create, connect and grow — creating new pathways for social change. Here’s our Mission Statement.


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Come join one of our many interactive and imaginative events, offered in many languages and time zones. Carve out some time to play, and talk and listen with others. Meet new people. Step outside your comfort zone and do something different. Help each other. Have fun and feel better. Maybe cry a little bit, and feel better. We all need this…now more than ever.

Find an event, workshop or session that works in your time-zone and language.

Want to volunteer? Co-lead a workshop? Lend us your talent, skills and expertise? Help with administrative work?

Make a financial contribution, large or small!

Have a question? Want us to speak at your event? Partner in some way? Send us an email!

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