Teen & Young Adult Space! On WhatsApp!

A welcoming interactive workshop lead by experienced group facilitators. A space for teenagers and young adults to connect and learn playful exercises and improv skills. Improv helps with everything from dealing with stress, friendships, communication, and school pressures, ll while having fun and meeting teens from around the world.

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Once Upon your time

A storytelling workshop to create stories inspired by your own life, your surroundings or wherever your creativity leads you. We will use improv techniques to build stories together. Discover what we all have stories to tell. Share stories and experience with others and through this connection with people in a time that we can’t meet… Read More »Once Upon your time

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GPB Facilitator Development and Support Session

To all GPB Facilitators, new and experienced, please join us for a session to provide support to each other, exchange ideas and exercises, and give feedback. This is a session for us to create collective growth opportunities as Facilitators of GPB Play-shops!

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The Art of Listening: The Revolutionary Way to Have Conversations

What does it mean to really listen? Let’s start with what listening is not: it’s not transactional. It’s not passive. It’s not waiting your turn to talk. Listening is activistic. It’s curious. It’s creative. It’s collaborative. It’s a performance. Join Dr. Jim Martinez, Co-Chair of Cultivating Ensembles and Associate Professor at New York Institute of… Read More »The Art of Listening: The Revolutionary Way to Have Conversations


My house can be a space of limitation or liberation. My mind can be the same... We are happy to invite you to explore beyond thoughts. Through movement and play, we can express ourselves and see what emotions and intuition are present in our inner universe. How to embrace the joy of “releasing and dancing”… Read More »DANCE IT AWAY !

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Emotional Support Space! On Whatsapp

Emotional support session for everyone. We utilize interactive exercises and discussion to support each other and check in with how are we doing. We focus on listening, caring, and creating new ways to explore and play with our emotionality. We put into practice: I see you / I hear you / I feel you

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