Newsletter – April 2021

Hello Global Play Brigade! Our newsletter is out today, April 22nd, which is Earth Day. I’m quite happy to be greeting you all from a beautiful part of this earth: Sedona, Arizona in the southwestern United States. The physical terrain here is beautiful, as you can see. It’s also personally beautiful for me because I am seeing my 94-year-old father for the first time in over a year because of… Read More »Newsletter – April 2021

Newsletter-January 2021

Hello dear Global Play Brigade, I’ve been upset and deeply concerned about the troubling events taking place in our world. Too many to discuss here, but I’m sure we all have great worries, sadness and anger as we continue in the midst of ongoing pain of the global pandemic. I keep having this dream (the nights I’m actually able to sleep) that the Global Play Brigade managed to get a… Read More »Newsletter-January 2021


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我們 (Mana & Sean) 在六月份的星期六會議中認識。在會議中看到亞洲人仍然是比較罕有的。Sean主動的在 Zoom 對話框跟Mana 聯繫,之後再利用電郵與她聯絡。我們就這樣開始了合作。


在會議中,我們談及自己的工作與興趣。我們發現大家對精神健康有關的題目感到興趣。在7月21日我們便進行了第一次工作坊。當中包括了Bethel House及來自香港、中國內地及日本的人士。Bethel House 位於日本北海道中的浦河町。它是一間社區組織,專門收容精神病患者在哪裏工作及居住。Read More »橋建精神健康


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Zoom会議を通じて、お互いの仕事や最近の興味について話していくにつれ、私たちに共通する関心ごとが「こころの健康」というテーマであることがわかりました。今年7月21日、2人で初めて主催したワークショップには、日本からべてるの家から約6名、そして香港や中国から5名の合計10名が参加しました。べてるの家とは、マナの両親が働いている北海道浦河町にある社会福祉施設で精神障害を抱える人々が地域で働き、暮らしているコミュニティです。Read More »心の豊かさを築くための架け橋

Imagi-Nations Impro: When Worlds Connect

Three continents, lots of two-person scenes, one group with visual impairments. Learn about our powerful online play sessions with visually impaired groups across the globe, by Victoria Hogg. Read in English Post originally part of our November newsletter.

Teen Space! Tackles #EndPoliceBrutality

What does protesting for justice, living as a young adult in three different continents, and creating beautiful poetry have to do with one another? Check out Jennifer Bullock’s blog for the answer. Read in English Post originally part of our November newsletter.

What are You Really Saying?

A Global Play Brigade session about how we communicate meaning to others. Designed and facilitated by Yvette Alcott and Cheng Zeng. 阅读中文普通话 The Global Play Brigade is on  a mission to change the world, one small step at a time. One of the ways we thought we could contribute to this mission was to look at how we communicate with each other. We figured, if you are going to make… Read More »What are You Really Saying?


由Yvette Alcott和Cheng Zeng设计和引导

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全球游戏大会一个改变世界的使命,一步一个脚印。我们认为我们可以为这次任务做出贡献的一个方法就是去探讨我们高效沟通的方式与方法。我们认为,如果你要做出改变,你需要能够真正地与他人沟通与建立链接。我们设计了游戏和即兴表演活动的课程来吸引大家关注我们是在表达什么以及我们是如何表达的,我们如何清楚地把我们的意思传达给别人。我们从每个参与者在30秒内讲述他们自己的人生故事开始-所有这些都是同时进行的!我们能听听彼此的细节吗?一点也不!只是有一大堆噪音向我们袭来,这可能是每个人都想被听到却没有人去倾听所造成的。Read More »你真正的在表达什么?

Support our Young People of Nigeria (3 Minutes)

#NewNigeriaMovement #EndSars We Are Becoming Spontaneous poetry by Nigerian youth at a Global Play Brigade/Street Project Foundation workshop. Watch this 46-second video Post originally part of our November newsletter.